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The feeling that comes with holding your baby is heavenly. In hospital you will be informed of so many things in that short period of time before you leave. You are expected to be able to hear, understand and remember everything about your baby.

And then you get home, it hits you that you are the one to make all the decisions about your baby – worse if you are a first time parent and/or you don’t have a support system.

Now we do know that some babies cry more than others for no reason – just like you have some talkative and quiet personalities – and this may stress you even further. And with stress your breastfeeding is automatically affected and now the baby will cry even louder.

Then we have other legit concerns that any parent would have:

  • Is my baby getting enough?
  • Is this rash ok?
  • What do I do about this nasal blockage?
  • Are these plastic teeth?
  • My baby is not gaining weight as expected!

You may google – and get 1001 reasons, then go ask a friend or an older mum – you will be given all sorts of information and remedies and most may do more harm than good.

Now to avoid all the confusion and risks that come with you getting information from a non – credible source or person we have brought you pediatric services at your convenience.

We have more affordable options of annual subscriptions as well.

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